1. If I understand it correctly, if I don’t pass Part 1 the written qualifying test, I cannot take Part 2?

    That’s correct. You must have a high enough score on the written qualifying test, to be able to take the Part 2 assessment test.
  2. Will the 2024 sergeant’s part 2 exam be the same as the 2022 detective’s part 2 exam?

    No, this test maker is not the same one that did the detective’s exam, and has several different formats for part 2. The level of difficulty for a supervisor exam is much higher! We will review these on October 3rd in class.
  3. What is most important to know for Part 1 and Part 2 of the sergeant’s exam?

    For the written qualifying test (part 1), you need to know select directives very well. For the assessment test (part 2), you need to know what to write to score the most points. You also must practice regularly with the assessment exercises. A good study group should give you that. Whoever does really well on the part 2 assessment portion, will be the next supervisor!
  4. Are there some things I can read now to do some advance study?

    Yes, the GOs, SOs, and ILCS are always in part 1 of the exam. I have put together a projected reading list for part 1 of the sergeant’s exam.
  5. Is there anything else you can recommend to me that will help me increase my score?

    Stay committed to your studies, follow a well thought out study plan, and join a good study group. Attending classes will be helpful, but no more than two study groups maximum. If you’re in more than two, you will be overwhelmed.

    Finally, remember this: Promotional exams are not given very often. If you are really serious about being promoted, you need to take it seriously. Stop complaining, be positive, and study hard!

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