Watch various students talk about the advantages of being a Bernstein student

Well it was as I suspected, your test preparation programs are second to none.  I first took your class for the NJ law enforcement entry exam about 10 years ago, and I came out at the top of the list. For that reason, I chose to enroll in your program again for the Sergeant’s exam and as you already know, I came out at the top of that list as well.

I owe my performance on these exams to the excellent materials and instruction provided by you and your winning team, both North and South. Your program is the original and the best!

All the best wishes for good health and success to you and your team for the future!”

Mark M.

Just wanted to let you know that I attended the New Jersey Civil Service entry class at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City in June. I took the test June 10th of this year and received my results a few weeks ago. I scored a 98.1. Every other person’s score that I have heard has been considerably lower than mine. I owe this high score to you and your teachers. If I had not taken this course I don’t think I would have scored as high. I wanted to send this email to thank you and your associates for preparing me for the exam and I look forward to attending more of your classes throughout my career.”


I just would like you to know that I took your class that was conducted in Atlantic City. Your class was very, very, very helpful. Everything that was on the Law Enforcement Civil Service test you and your staff covered. I have taken the civil service test and failed the test two times. But after taking your class, it helped me come in second on the city list.

Again I thank you and your staff for helping me complete one of my goals.”

John C.

I want to thank you for your assistance with my preparation for the Captain’s exam. I was always a Holtz guy and was probably going to take him this year except he was not offering a South class. Well, I’m glad it turned out that way. I feel I was prepared better by you and your staff for this test than I was by Holtz for previous tests. You broke down the book very well and your tests translated to exactly what was presented on my written test. Holtz undoubtedly knows 2C but your staff hits everything very well.

Also, your oral assessment was greatly appreciated. You gave me areas to improve (specifically) which I know now is not being done at Holtz. I have passed this info to officers in my Department and I encourage them to take your class. Money is at a premium for everyone, but if you are serious about promotion and your job, this is the class to take to get you to the next rank.

Thanks again and I hope this feedback helps someone.”

Michael T.

In July, I took one of your courses here in NJ. Now before I tell you my results, I’ll tell you that I took the Department of Personnel test twice, without any preparation, scoring an 88.5 and a 76.5. Knowing that most competitive departments won’t even consider you unless you score at least a 90, I was feeling kind of discouraged.

After hearing that people were taking test prep courses to get high scores, I decided to try one out. It just so happens that when I typed law enforcement test prep in my search engine, your website was the first one to pop up. I entered the website and read about your courses. I was kind of skeptical, but decided to give it a shot since I had nothing to lose except $450. LOL. Well I’d like to tell you that I just received my test results and am glad to announce that I scored 99.43. I almost fell to the ground when I saw the results. Right now I’m on cloud 9. I know there is still a long process before I get considered for a job, but I want to thank your company for helping me get my foot in the door.

For the future, when it’s time to prepare for promotional examinations, I know exactly who I’m contacting. I will definitely recommend your courses to people I know for future exams. Hope this didn’t sound too cheesy, but THANK YOU very much.”

Juan A.

This past year I attended your promotional test preparation course in New Jersey, to prepare myself to take the Captain’s test. I wanted to write to you to thank you and to let you know that your course was right on the mark. Your tests were just like the one given by the DOP. When I took the DOP test I felt just like I was taking another practice test.

I was able to earn a perfect score in the oral phase of the DOP test. This score combined with my written score earned me the number two spot on the Captain’s list. I’m sure you’ll also be happy to hear that the number one spot on the Captain’s list is held by the only other member of our department to attend your course.

If in the future I have to take any more promotional exams (which I hope I don’t) your course would be a prerequisite. I would and will recommend your courses to any entry level or promotional candidates whom I want to be successful in their examination.”

Bruce R.

Just a note to say thank you for all your help and support on my Captain’s test. I ranked # 1 in my department with a final score of 90.950. See you when the Deputy Chief’s test comes up.”

Patrick M.

I received your congratulatory card. I finished # 1 on the lieutenant’s test and was promoted in February. Thanks to you and all your staff for all your help.”

Michael S.

I finished number 3 out of 43 officers taking the sergeant’s test. There were 5 officers promoted. The first 4 were Bernstein students. I wanted to thank you and your instructors for all of your quality training. I believe the excellent instructors and the ability to take dual track classes, and take home study materials made the difference. Your class was the best investment I have ever made.”

Robert W.

I was a student in the Bernstein Prep course for the NJ Civil Service Entrance Exam. I am writing to say thank you for helping me greatly improve from the last exam. Last test I took the Hotz course and received an 80%. The current test I improved by 17% and received a 97.06%. I am already receiving employment opportunities. I am a believer that Bernstein is the best course out there. I will contact you when it’s time to take the sergeant’s exam.”

Tony C.

I just wanted to say thank you. The preparation course you offered for the Corrections Sergeant exam was excellent. The combination of classroom instruction and take home materials made the class well worth the price.

You and your instructors stressed the importance of preparation. Your instructors made a point to say how the testing process was very competitive.  I received my score on Saturday. I knew all my hard work and time away from my family had paid off.”

Sean A.

Again, I thank you for all your assistance on the Chief of Police exam prep. I’m very happy that I chose Bernstein & Associates for this important test. Having been to both Holtz and Bernstein for the last two Chief of Police exams, I can say with confidence that the level of attention and preparation I received with the team of Bernstein instructors was far greater than what I received from Mr. Holtz and his assistant in the past.

I credit my # 1 score to your team.”

James C.

I am writing this letter to thank you for all the help you have given me in my search for a fire fighters position. Your course and the instructors were extremely helpful and professional. The tutoring I received for the State of New Jersey Civil Service Test symbol # M0796U was invaluable. Thanks to your help, I ranked number 1 non-vet and was placed on the job.

It’s almost been one year since I started working at the job I wanted most. The time seems to pass so fast when you’re doing what you enjoy. I want to convey my heartfelt thanks to you and your entire staff.”

John G.

This thank you is long overdue. Twice a Bernstein student, I have been very successful taking the New Jersey Department of Personnel exams. I took your test preparation course prior to my first promotional exam, that being for the rank of Sergeant. I was ranked number one, and promoted shortly thereafter. Again, now preparing for my second promotional exam, I enrolled in your course, now encompassing management and supervision, and again I found myself ranked number one. I have since been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, having attained this rank in just over ten years of service in my department. I honestly believe this success would not have been possible without the instruction your courses have provided. So again I say thank you for your outstanding program.”

Matthew K.

I want to thank you for helping me personally prepare for the lieutenant’s exam. In the past, I have studied independently and with other study groups. However, from my experience, your study group presentations along with the assistance of your “highly” qualified associates where nothing less than excellent, motivating, and a productive “time well spent.” Your program helped me to develop the methods and tools to respond to the types of questions that could be anticipated on the Lieutenant’s exam. I can surely credit Bernstein and Associates with a successful promotional exam review program and hopefully a new promotion in the near future.”

Sgt. William R.

To the staff and instructors I would just like to say thank you for putting together an excellent prep course. Yesterday I received my test results for the New Jersey Police exam and was very happy when I saw my score. I took the test two years ago and did not do as well as I wanted. I went to your two-day course in Atlantic City back in May and was very impressed. I scored a 95 on this test which was a 12 point improvement from the last test. Hopefully this score will land me the job I want and will be able to use your courses in the future for promotional exams.”

Travis S.

Well, I wanted to formally thank all of you for coming out to Chicago and enabling a number of us with the extra “edge” we needed to rise above the rest. Yesterday most of us received our test results for the Chicago Police Department sergeant’s exam. I’m glad to say that I ranked # 183 on the eligibility list and historically, the City has gone to at least # 350. So, I guess it’s just a waiting game from here on out for me at least. I’m guessing 1.5 – 2 years given the smaller groups they’re putting through now.

Also, I’ve talked to several individuals who took the Bernstein prep course and most of them seemed very pleased with their results.”

Frank P.

I thought you may be interested to know that the Chicago Police Sergeant results are finally out. (Well, it took about 9 months to get the results give or take a month). I could not bring myself to open the letter, but after 3 hours of looking at it I finally did. I scored 151.5 out of 192 which gives me a ranking of 31. I have taken a couple of sergeant exams before this with numerous different study groups. This however, was the first time I took your prep class and highly recommend it. There was information in your classes that I never received in previous testing groups. Thank you, you have helped me secure a larger pension for myself and my family. WOW I still can’t believe it.”

Sharon H.

Just a note to thank everyone who came out to teach the promotional prep class for Chicago Police Sergeant. I attended classes for both parts and just got my results back. Out of the 3,626 officers who took the second part of the test, I ranked 170 and will be on the promotion list in the near future. I was very pleased with my results and so very glad that I attended your prep classes. It was worth every penny! Thanks again!”

Sgt. Maureen V.

The Captain’s results are in. I scored # 1. My study partner scored # 2. There are 2 immediate openings and we couldn’t be more happy. The oral exam preparation was excellent and really put us over the top. I was skeptical about the oral component since I had not taken one before, but after the prep classes I hit a home run on the exam. Again thanks for everything!”

Bob D.

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that on December 22 I was appointed Chief of Police. Thanks largely to the efforts of you and your staff – Mike, Bob, Herb and Vince. Please extend my thanks to all in helping me realize a dream that started almost 26 years ago when I became a law enforcement officer.”

Bob L.

I took the Bernstein class test prep the week of March 29-30. Overall I think I am now prepared to take the civil service test. The best investment I could ever made. Now I feel a 110% confident taking the test. I appreciate the two instructors I had. They made me feel comfortable and gave me that boost I needed. The personality review was excellent! Much better than another class I took given by a lawyer.”

Malik B.

Thank you for your time, effort and information this past weekend. You are all great instructors. I had such a positive experience going to your class. I paid the $545 and it was well worth the investment. I took the DOP test 2 years ago. After taking your course, I know exactly why I did not score high. I will be studying hard until the test date that is May 31st. I also attended the free seminar that you had at Bergen County Police Academy, that was great as well. Thank you so much!”

David E.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and your staff. I attended your seminar in Elizabeth, NJ a couple weeks ago. I have to say, I left there with all my questions answered and full of confidence. Thanks to you and your staff, I was more than prepared for the LEE. I took the exam May 31st and I definitely feel like I passed with a 95% or higher. Once again, I appreciate what you guys have done.”

Anthony B.

I am writing to THANK YOU for the interview tip of pre-arranging a binder with all background information for the investigators use. Today I went in for my first interview, and when I presented the binder to the investigator, he was clearly pleased and commented “You are certainly prepared.” He was shocked to realize the binder was for him to keep and thanked me (profusely) for going to the effort of typing the information pocket and compiling the information for him. He also mentioned that he had never had anyone do this much work for him.

From my perspective, it was nice to ease the bit of nervousness I was feeling prior to going in for my interview to now that the investigator started out impressed and appreciative of my effort. When compiling the binder, it also made it easier from my side to be able to recall information that was asked of me that nervousness may have had a hand in having me search my memory to recall.

Thanks for making my first interview more relaxed!”

Dawn C.

I must let you know that I have taken your course for the Chicago Police Sergeant exam (twice), and the Detective class (once), and have finally I believe made it thanks to you and the fine gentleman who taught the course, the man, I forget his name but was an assessment testing expert. Anyways I’m currently 141 on the new sergeant list, I should get promoted in the next year or so. They haven’t taken a list down before 350 that I know of, I was 555 on the last list and that also was because of your class. I took your class and john roberts class, and I must tell you that yours is superior due to the time spent on how the assessment tests works. You can study the general orders all day, but if you don’t know how to plug the answers into the assessment system you will not do well. This is the strength of your staff and class. I have recommend you to all that will listen, thank you and your staff for helping me reach one of my career goals.”

Tom B.

I am writing to thank you for your time, effort and dedication to the law enforcement community.

Your recent promotional study course in New Jersey was well worth it. I attended the course to prepare for my lieutenants exam. The knowledge that yourself and the other instructors passed on, not only helped during the test, but is something I will be able to retain and use throughout my career. Every area that was covered, be it statutory laws, case laws or the decision making process, were right on the money. I am grateful to you and your entire staff.

This week, the results came back from the NJDOP, and I placed second on the list. As a matter of fact, all five officers on the list were Bernstein students.”

Mark W.