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Dr. Jeff W. Bernstein

Dr. Jeff Bernstein is the President of Bernstein & Associates, Inc. He is a consulting psychologist who has experience as a police officer and sergeant. He earned a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management and is a licensed Doctor of Psychology. He is also a Certified Assessor and Assessor Trainer. Dr. Bernstein’s post-doctoral studies are in the field of Civil Service exams and test preparation. He is a published author of the best selling book, “Supervision of Police Personnel.” He is also a published author of a number of articles and test preparation study guides. Dr. Bernstein is a member of the American Psychological Association, and is considered the top expert in police promotional and entry level testing. His vast experience in the area of test preparation and development has earned him a reputation as one of the leading trainers in the law enforcement field. Throughout the country, he has prepared thousands of police candidates for exams. Dr. Bernstein has represented PBA and FOP lodges throughout the country on Public Safety Test Preparation and is a member of both unions. He has advised both unions on the development of New Jersey’s new police promotional exams as well as Chicago, Miami, and New Orleans. During his tenure as a police officer, Dr. Bernstein received 20 commendations, was selected twice as the Most Outstanding Officer of the Month and received the Medal of Valor. His students have obtained the highest scores in the State on the new promotional exams.