The Bernstein Advantage

“Dr. Bernstein is the top expert in the test preparation field”

➔ Bernstein Test Prep offers entry and promotional test preparation classes for Police, Sheriff, Corrections, and Firefighter candidates.

➔ The types of tests covered include written tests, video tests, oral interviews, and assessment centers.

Why should you attend a bernstein test prep seminar?

If you attend a Bernstein class, you will:

  • Learn about the new test you have to take.
  • Learn which answers will score you more points than others.
  • Take home the best training materials to study at home.
  • Access online practice test questions and exam updates via the Online Bernstein Student Center.
  • Receive important promotional exam audio files and electronic flashcards on highly testable areas for your smart device.
  • Be sufficiently prepared by Dr. Bernstein and highly qualified experts to increase and maximize your score on the new exam.

Proven Results

  • Our students consistently score higher than their competition!
  • Dr. Bernstein has already helped more than 100,000 men and women get hired and promoted in law enforcement. You could be next!!
  • Dr. Bernstein is a psychologist who writes these types of tests! Who else could possibly be better?
  • Ask any Police, Sheriff or Corrections Officer you know and they will tell you to GO TO BERNSTEIN!
  • It’s the Bernstein students that get the jobs and the promotions.

Highly qualified training staff

  • Consultants with doctorate degrees who have experience in promotional test development and validation.
  • Clinical psychologists who are experts in behavioral assessment and the assessment center process.
  • Attorneys who have authored legal training manuals. Consultants who are public safety assessors.
  • Trainers who are high ranking police and fire managers.

Why risk it?

Whether it’s getting hired or promoted, it’s all about the final test score. That’s where Bernstein students have the edge. If you take a Bernstein class your score goes up! If you don’t, you take your chances. Ask any officer you know and they will always say, “Go to Bernstein”