New Online Security Measures

To enhance the security of your online access, we have implemented new security features. Below are just a few examples of the many new features:

In-depth Analysis: Our system utilizes a combination of many factors to identify instances of account sharing, which are then reported to our office for appropriate action.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): If sharing is detected, you will be asked to input a temporary code (sent to your registered email) to regain access. After entering the code, unauthorized users will be logged out. Any unauthorized code sharing will also be tracked and documented by the system.

NOTE: The system records all these code verification instances and notifies our office. This becomes an additional factor that our algorithm considers for accurate account sharing detection. Furthermore, this in itself is not the sole determining factor; our security system takes into account the totality of many different factors when making a determination. Our office will then conduct a further manual review of your account activity.

Simultaneous Logins: Our system will detect and notify us of multiple simultaneous logins to a single account. This includes identifying any instances where two or more users are actively using the same account simultaneously. Additionally, the system will keep track of the total number of devices that have historically logged into an account.

Impossible Travel Detection: Our system will monitor and notify our office of concurrent logins and simultaneous account usage from geographically separate locations, where it’s impossible for a person to be in 2 places at the same time based on both travel time and distance.

 NOTE: The system is designed to differentiate between legitimate VPN usage and actual account sharing. This ensures that genuine users who use VPNs for privacy or other reasons are not unfairly flagged. Additionally, attempting to use a VPN to circumvent our security measures will not be effective, as our system can detect and prevent unauthorized access regardless of VPN usage.

Remember, all of these measures are in place to protect and ensure your competitive edge!