2023 NJ Police Sgt, Lt, Capt, DChf & Chf Promo Exam Review Course

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You may now register for the 2023 NJ Police Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Deputy Chief & Chief Promotional Exam Review Course
We will begin with advance online training. Our course is a hybrid designed to provide you with the right amount of online training and in-person classes. The advance online instruction is done personally by Dr. Bernstein. He will review select Attorney General Guidelines, Criminal Code 2C, and Case Law.

In-person classes will be held July to October.

Why Choose Bernstein?

Proven Results

  • Dr. Bernstein has already helped thousands of men and women get promotions in law enforcement. You could be next!!
  • Dr. Bernstein is a psychologist who writes these types of tests! Who else could possibly be better?
  • He is an expert in video, written & oral work sample assessment, which is a very valuable part of the sergeant, lieutenant and captains exams
  • Results – We are the only company with Video, Written & Oral Work Sample Assessment Test results!
  • Ask any Police, Sheriffs or Corrections Officer you know and they will tell you to GO TO BERNSTEIN!

Top Experts in the Field

  • Have access to Dr. Bernstein for consultation on the different exam sections (written, video, oral)
  • Have access to the best instructors e.g. Dr. Bernstein, Capt. Bartuccio, Capt. Talalai, Deputy Chief Verticelli, Chief Scianni, and Chief Dowd.
  • Bernstein Test Prep will have you fully prepared for this difficult exam.

Training will go beyond the classroom

  • Receive regular email updates and practice questions on the new exam via the Bernstein online learning center
  • Be given 2C, AG Guidelines and Case Law AUDIO bullets for your smart device (no other study group does this!)
  • Take home Bernstein bulletsbook breakdowns and work sample assessment test questions for the new test


  • Have an opportunity to view Dr. Bernstein’s advance online presentations
  • Be able to choose times you want –
    North Jersey (Tues & Wed) AM & PM sessions

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Watch Dr. Bernstein explain your upcoming police promotional exam

Best Test Prep Materials

  • Get all books FREE e.g. textbooks, AG, 2C and Case Law workbooks, as well as an advance pre-highlighted electronic version of the Attorney General Guidelines.
  • Learn about newly tested video, written & oral work sample areas from recent exams
  • Learn which key management principles frequently appear in the textbook questions for the written exam
  • See which AG guidelines, 2C statutes and legal cases routinely appear on the oral assessment exam
  • Receive a comprehensive breakdown of the textbook, AG, 2C and Case Law in class, as well as incredibly valuable electronic flashcards for your smart devices

Most Updated Information

  • Develop a winning strategy for approaching the new written, video and oral work sample assessment exercises
  • Be shown how to develop a study plan for the work sample test items which appear on the Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captains exams
  • Understand how the new Sergeant’s video work sample assessment test works and what actions are required!
  • Be shown exactly what to study now for the new test, not the old one!
  • Get the Bernstein Workbook Bullets for the AG Guidelines, Case Law, Criminal Code 2C and the textbook (Best breakdowns out there!)


Early Registration Rate – $2,250
(if paid ON or BEFORE March 31st, 2023)

Course Fee – $2,550
(if paid AFTER March 31st, 2023)

  • Classes will sell out! REGISTER TODAY!

    Holiday Inn North
    160 Frontage Road
    Newark, NJ 07114
    Tuesday and
    and / or
    $2,250, if paid before Mar. 1, 2023

    The North location will meet on Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm or 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm. The night class is an exact repeat of the day class.


    Early Registration Rate - $2,250
    (if paid BEFORE Mar. 31st, 2023)

    Course Fee - $2,550
    (if paid AFTER Mar. 31st, 2023)

    Seating is limited, so register EARLY!

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    Convenient Training Location
    (Click below for google map directions)
    Holiday Inn North, Newark
  • Police Lieutenants and Captains exams - July 1st application and a projected test month of October 2023.

    Police Sergeants exam - Application and test to be announced by NJ Civil Service Commission (CSC).

    Schedule is subject to change and modification based on the CSC announcement.

    Lieutenant and Captain Candidates - In-person classes will be held July through October 2023.

    Click here for the Lieutenant and Captain candidates course schedule

    Sergeant Candidates may attend the 2023 classes in advance for their projected February 2024 exam

    North Tues & Wed classes are held at Holiday Inn North in Newark
    Holiday Inn North
    160 Frontage Road, Newark, NJ 07114

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  • Beyond the classroom...

    All courses & seminars are enhanced with added online training

    • Access our Online Student Center, Anytime & Anywhere

      You'll receive practice tests / quizzes and updates.

      Ask questions through our platform anytime, night or day prior to your exam.
    • Advanced Learning Support Systems

      Video updates by Dr. Bernstein.

      Key test prep materials on highly testable areas.

      Areas of focus / Bernstein Bullets on audio, extra practice quizzes & strategy tips
    • Bernstein is with YOU right up till the Exam

      No other test prep program offers this type of service!


    (A) Candidates who cancel BEFORE the start of the police comprehensive paid course, and have not received any advance study materials, and have not accessed any online materials, may receive a refund minus a non-refundable administrative fee of $250.

    (B) There is NO REFUND if the candidate has already RECEIVED advance study materials OR if the advance study materials have ALREADY BEEN SENT to the candidate. I understand, accept & agree that once the test preparation training materials for the advance class have been sent from Bernstein & Associates or in behalf of Bernstein & Associates, I am not entitled to any refund whatsoever. I further understand, accept & agree that once I have received the test preparation training materials for the advanced class from Bernstein & Associates or in behalf of Bernstein & Associates, I am not entitled to any refund whatsoever.

    (C) There is also NO REFUND if the candidate has already ACCESSED ANY TYPE of online training materials (i.e. diagnostic exam, advance AG Guidelines, quizzes, etc.). I understand, accept & agree that once I have logged in to the online platform and accessed any type of online training materials, I am not entitled to any refund whatsoever.

    (D) There is also NO REFUND if the candidate cancels AFTER the police comprehensive paid course has already started.

    One additional option is that candidates may leave their monies with Bernstein & Associates and apply the entire course fee towards a future class.


    It is the policy of Bernstein & Associates, Inc. not to permit the electronic recording of any part of our training programs. All materials presented in our training sessions are protected under the copyright laws of the United States. This is done to ensure that the competitive edge remains with our students.

    In a recent training session, even after being advised that recording was prohibited, one student attempted to secretly record our training. Bernstein & Associates, Inc. will prosecute anyone who illegally records any of our training sessions. This incident has necessitated the development of this written policy prohibiting all electronic recording of our training programs.

    Students are advised that it is illegal to electronically record Bernstein & Associates, Inc. training sessions. Violators will be prosecuted under both criminal and civil statutes.

    Bernstein & Associates, Inc. requires that all students attending our training programs acknowledge and agree to abide by this policy.

    Agreeing to this agreement is a requirement for attending this training program. Failure to agree with this agreement will result in your being denied admittance to the training classroom.

    I understand and agree to abide by this policy, and authorize Bernstein & Associates, Inc. to conduct an electronic screening for the purpose of detecting any hidden listening or electronic recording devices.

    By clicking "I agree to the terms stated above" in our online registration, I agree to all of the above and agree to abide by the Bernstein Test Prep recording, cancellation, and refund policy.