NJ State Correctional Police Officer Entry Exam Review Seminar 2019



Applications for the State Correctional Police Officer Entry Exam will be accepted until January 31st, 2019. Click here for the Civil Service application

The tentative timeframe to administer this entry exam is April of 2019.

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  • Dr. Bernstein has already identified the most important areas on the new 3 part written exam that need to be reviewed and studied. The 3 parts of the exam are: cognitive ability, personality assessment (workstyles), and life experience.
  • Those who attend the Bernstein seminar will receive practice exam test questions developed by Dr. Bernstein that simulate the real exam. These practice test questions are the closest thing to the real exam, since Dr. Bernstein writes these kinds of tests!

Training will go beyond the classroom

Be FULLY PREPPED for the upcoming entry exam! Additional online bonus practice questions prepared by Dr. Bernstein will be made available a week after the 2-day seminar.
  • ADDITIONAL online practice testing, which will simulate the actual exam.
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  • Each student will have access to our online Bernstein Student Center.
  • Added training: you will receive and have access to video updates from Dr. Bernstein prior to the exam
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Watch Dr. Bernstein explain your upcoming NJ State Correctional Police Officer Entry Exam

What you’ll get

➔ A simple strategic straight forward approach for each section of the exam that will increase your test score!!

Insider Information

  • You will learn how you can honestly increase your score in the personality assessment, which is the section that is worth the most points!
  • You will be shown which key areas routinely appear on the exam and be given an effective study plan to follow
  • The KEY AREAS on the State Correctional Police Officer Entry Exam are: Personality Trait testing, Biographical Data, Written Comprehension, Written Expression, Problem Sensitivity, Deductive Reasoning, Inductive Reasoning, Information Ordering, and Spatial Orientation.

Best Instructors

Dr. Bernstein & other highly qualified experts will explain in detail, all of the essential key areas on the new exam

Best Training Materials

You will also take home a copy of Dr. Bernstein’s new 2019 test preparation manual. This is filled with powerful strategies and practice test questions! The manual is worth the price of the seminar by itself. It’s that good!


Seminar Fee – $645

If you are serious about maximizing your score on the State Correctional Police Officer Entry Exam, spending time with Bernstein Test Prep is an absolute must! Nobody beats our students, nobody!
  • Class will fill-up fast! REGISTER TODAY!
    March 9-10, 2019
    Sat & Sun
    9:00am - 5:00pm
    for both days
    Days Hotel
    195 Route 18 South
    East Brunswick, NJ 08816
    March 16-17, 2019
    Sat & Sun
    9:00am - 5:00pm
    for both days
    Ramada Plaza Hotel
    Newark Airport area
    160 Frontage Road
    Newark, NJ 07114


    Seminar Fee - $645

    Seating is limited, so register EARLY!

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    Convenient Training Location

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    Days Hotel, East Brunswick

    Ramada Plaza Hotel, Newark

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