CPD Sergeant Promotional Exam Review Course 2019/2020

Classes will sell out! REGISTER TODAY!

Most of you know by now that the City of Chicago is currently planning to give the sergeants exam in 2019, and a lieutenants exam in 2020. In order to prepare police officers for the new promotional exam, Bernstein Test Prep will be offering a comprehensive review course.

The feedback from our students on our promotional review has been extremely positive. Bernstein students have consistently had the highest scores! Picking the right course for the new test is an important decision. You want to go with a proven winner!

The course will cover “How to best prepare for the upcoming CPD sergeants promotional exam.” All candidates who are interested in getting a promotion should attend!

Lieutenant candidates who register for the sergeants course, can also attend the lieutenants course for no additional fee!


  • You will be shown specifically how to maximize your score on the test by Dr. Jeff Bernstein and his associates, who will provide you with the best answers
  • Best results – Our candidates have consistently scored higher on the written and video oral assessment than their competition
  • The training and assessment practice exercises you will receive will focus you on the highly testable areas!
  • All classes are offered from 9am-1pm and 6pm-10pm and have been rated overall as excellent. Speak to any CPD Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Commander, Deputy Chief, or Chief!
  • Dr. Bernstein and his team of instructors will teach you a specific point scoring strategy for each part of the new multi-part test.
  • BEST Training Materials

  • You will have access to online practice quizzes, electronic flashcards (accessible on your phones), and video updates at the Bernstein online learning center
  • Candidates will receive comprehensive notebooks with outstanding training materials and tests TO TAKE HOME
  • You will receive important audio files on highly testable GOs, SOs, and select criminal law for your smart device
  • Our classes will motivate you to read, study and perform at your highest level, and our information is more accurate and precise than anyone’s!

Those who attend the Bernstein course will:

  • Be fully prepared and will understand exactly how the assessment exam works.
  • Go through an actual assessment exam and get feedback on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop a winning strategy for approaching the assessment exam exercises.
  • Practice with assessment exercises in class
  • Learn how to respond to ANY assessment exam scenarios.
  • Be given online practice exercises up until the exam.
  • Gain the competitive edge on those who choose not to attend!

Those who register early will:

  • Secure a seat before the class sells out!
  • Lock in the early registration discounted rate.
  • Take a full length online diagnostic test in January.
  • Receive an advance projected reading list in February.

Course registration re-opened

★ We were able to obtain additional space at Malcolm X College. This additional space enables us to re-open registration.

★ We will continue registering people as long as there is space still available. We realize how important this is for all of you, and we will do our very best to accommodate everyone. Unfortunately, space is limited so it will be first come first served.

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Watch Dr. Bernstein explain your upcoming police promotional exam

Course Information

Morning classes: are from 9:00am – 1:00pm

Evening classes: are from 6:00pm – 10:00pm

Students must register for either morning or evening classes (this is just to help with our planning).

Students will then be allowed to attend either the morning or evening class. The evening class is an exact repeat of the morning class.

If you can’t make it to the morning class, you can attend the evening class. If you can’t make the evening class, you can attend the morning class


This course will sell out. Candidates will be accepted on a first come first served basis. Classes will fill up quick. DON’T BE LEFT OUT! REGISTER TODAY!

Regular Rate – $2,500

NOTE: Any candidate who does not pass Part 1 will be rebated $1,000. In the unlikely event of a candidate failing Part 1, a copy of the failure notice for Part 1 from the city would be needed to process the rebate.

You don’t want to miss out on this career advancement opportunity, which may only happen once or twice in your career.

  • Classes will sell out! REGISTER TODAY!

    January 2019
    Diagnostic 100-Item Online Pre-Test
    (Available on January 18th. Once you register, you can take the diagnostic exam anytime starting on this date)
    February / March 2019
    Advance Online Reading List Assignments and
    Release of select audio files
    April 2019
    Introductory Exam Overview
    (in-person training)
    May, June, July 2019
    Online Training
    August, September, October 2019
    Comprehensive In-Person Review Course (AM/PM sessions)
    (In-person course to start approx. 3 months prior to Part 1 exam)
    November 2019
    Review and Final Online Testing
    December 2019
    Part 1 actual sergeant's exam
    (The City stated they are planning Part 1 for late fall, early winter)
    6-8 weeks prior to Part 2 exam
    date (projected to be early 2020)
    Comprehensive In-Person Review Course continues for Part 2
    (AM/PM sessions)
    Part 2 Assessment Training 2020 Schedule
    January 18, Saturday
    9am-1pm / 6-10pm
    Introduction to Assessment, Strategy Tips
    January 19, Sunday
    9am-1pm / 6-10pm
    In-Class Practice and Review
    January 21, Tuesday
    9am-1pm / 6-10pm
    In-Class Practice and Review
    January 22, Wednesday
    9am-1pm / 6-10pm
    In-Class Practice and Review
    January 26, Sunday
    9am-1pm / 6-10pm
    In-Class Advanced Strategy, Practice and Review
    January 27, Monday
    9am-1pm / 6-10pm
    In-Class Advanced Strategy, Practice and Review
    February 1, Saturday
    9am-1pm / 6-10pm
    In-Class Advanced Practice and Review
    February 3, Monday
    9am-1pm / 6-10pm
    In-Class Advanced Practice and Review

    * Training schedule is subject to change based on actual test dates


    Regular Rate - $2,500

    Seating is limited, so register EARLY!

    Click to reg paid green

    NOTE: Any candidate who does not pass Part 1 will be rebated $1,000. In the unlikely event of a candidate failing Part 1, a copy of the failure notice for Part 1 from the city would be needed to process the rebate.
    Convenient Training Location
    (Click below for Google map directions)
    Malcolm X College auditorium

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