Chicago Firefighter Entry Exam Review Seminar 2021

The City of Chicago will be administering a NEW entry-level test battery for the position of firefighter. The City has indicated that applications for the firefighter exam are projected to be available in the near future.

Dr. Jeff Bernstein and Associates, Inc. will be offering a comprehensive entry level test preparation seminar to get you ready for your test. The Bernstein Preparatory Program has the best track record in preparing candidates for entry level tests. Don’t take our word for it, just ask any firefighter you know and he or she will tell you. Trainers will review, in detail, all parts of this new entry level test battery.

Dr. Bernstein has already identified the most important areas on the new 3-part written test battery that need to be reviewed and studied. The three parts of the exam are: cognitive ability, personality assessment, and life experience assessment. Dr. Bernstein is a psychologist who writes these types of tests! Who else could possibly be better? He is an expert in personality assessment, which is the part of the test that is worth the most points! Dr. Bernstein has already helped more than 100,000 men and women get jobs in the public safety field. Thousands in the Chicago Police and Fire Department alone. You could be next!

Candidates who attend will:

  • Receive a comprehensive fire entry test preparation notebook
  • Understand how the test battery is structured and what specifically is being tested
  • Be shown a specific strategy to use for each part of the test battery
  • Have the opportunity to practice with cognitive and personality tests
  • Understand how the personality test works, and how you can increase your score
  • Learn why some answers in the personality assessment will score more points than others
  • Be shown proven techniques for increasing your score in both the cognitive and personality sections
  • Have access to testing experts for consultation
  • Receive additional practice questions prepared by Dr. Bernstein, which will be available on the Bernstein Online Learning Platform after the seminar

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Watch Dr. Bernstein explain your upcoming firefighter entry exam

Are you ready to take the firefighter entry test battery? Don’t compete with a Bernstein student, BE ONE!

The City of Chicago has decided to postpone the firefighter entry exam. Unfortunately, they do not know when the applications will be available or when the test will be given.

Therefore, we have decided to postpone our October 2021 test preparation seminar as well. Once the application is available and the test date is known, we will reschedule the training.

You should get on the Bernstein mailing list if you are interested in receiving information about the Chicago Firefighter entry exam. We will notify you once our seminar dates are set.