Ask Dr. Bernstein – CPD Detective Exam 2022

1. If I understand it correctly, if I don’t pass Part 1 the written qualifying test, I cannot take Part 2?

That’s correct. You must have a high enough score on the written qualifying test, to be able to take the Part 2 investigative logic assessment test.

2. How do they score Part 2, the investigative logic assessment test?

A scoring key will be put together by the test maker. It will include answers that subject matter experts provide to them. The answers you write for the investigative assignments will be compared against the scoring guide. Points will then be awarded. It’s the same thing for the applied knowledge questions. The multiple-choice answers you pick are added up. Then, the total number of points you earn for the investigative assignments and applied knowledge questions will be added up to determine your final score.

3. What is most important to know for Part 1 and Part 2 of the detective’s exam?

For the written qualifying test, you need to know select directives very well. For the investigative logic assessment test, you need to know what to write to score the most points. You also must practice every week with the investigative assignments. A good study group should give you that. Whoever does really well on the investigative logic assessment portion, will be the next detective!

4. Is there anything else you can recommend to me that will help me increase my score?

Stay committed to your studies, follow a well thought out study plan, and join a good study group. Attending classes will be helpful, but no more than two study groups maximum. If you’re in more than two, you will be overwhelmed.

Remember this: The detective’s exam is not given very often. If you are really serious about becoming a detective, you need to take it seriously. Stop complaining, be positive, and study hard! I can honestly say that being a detective was the best job I ever had.

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