NJ Sheriffs & Corrections Promotional Exams To Change In 2017

New Jersey Civil Service recently announced significant changes for the 2017 sheriffs and corrections promotional exams. Here is an overview of those changes:

Sheriff Captain and Lieutenant

The most significant change is the elimination of multiple choice test questions! Captain and lieutenant candidates will now take a written assessment test. It will involve several scenarios. Candidates will have to respond to these scenarios by writing essays and short answers.

Other changes include a new textbook, the inclusion of the attorney general guidelines, and the elimination of the scheduling items.

Sheriff Sergeant

The sheriff sergeant’s exam format is still multiple choice. The exam content includes:

  • Report Writing/Reviewing
  • Attorney General Guidelines
  • Interpersonal Relations / Supervision
  • Critical Thinking
  • NJ Title 2C
  • Decision Making/Problem Solving

A new textbook and the attorney general guidelines were recently added. The format for report writing and critical thinking is also new. Court practices was eliminated and replaced by decision making/problem solving.

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County Corrections Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Captain

A job analysis was conducted by NJ Civil Service. The analysis determined that there were 3 critical areas that should be tested. These critical work components include:

  • Situational Judgment
  • Standard Operating Procedures for County Correctional Facilities
  • County Paperwork/Records Relating to Inmates and Facilities

The situational judgment test weight is 50%, standard operating procedures are 36%, and court paperwork/records is 14%.

NJ Civil Service provided candidates with the following additional information about the new exam. They stated that: “Supplemental examination material will be made available approximately one month before the exam. And that the situational judgment questions contained in the examination will reference this material.” I can tell you most candidates felt that the new supplemental material was very valuable for the 2016 promotional exam.

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