NJ Law Enforcement Entry Exam Review Seminar 2013

Entry-level Test Starts 1st week of November

We have just confirmed that the New Jersey Civil Service Commission will begin administering the law enforcement entry exam statewide during the first week of November. We anticipate that the test will be given throughout the month of November, up to and possibly including early December.

Therefore, those of you who have scheduled your Bernstein seminar for November, may want to consider rescheduling. If you do want to reschedule, please email us the new date you would like to transfer to. You can email it to info@bernsteintestprep.com.

The Civil Service Commission should begin mailing out the test notices within the next couple of weeks.

Proven Results

  • Dr. Bernstein is a psychologist who writes these types of tests! Who else could possibly be better?
  • He is an expert in personality assessment (work styles), which is the part of the test that is worth the most points!
  • Dr. Bernstein has already helped more than 100,000 men and women get jobs in law enforcement. You could be next!!
  • Ask any Police, Sheriffs or Corrections Officer you know and they will tell you to GO TO BERNSTEIN!

Top Expert in the Field

  • Dr. Bernstein and other experts will increase your test score by showing you which answers will score you the most points !
  • Dr. Bernstein has already identified the most important areas on the new 3 part written exam that NEED to be reviewed and studied. The 3 parts of the exam are: cognitive ability, personality assessment (workstyles), and life experience.
  • You will receive multiple practice exams developed by Dr. Bernstein that simulate the real exam. These practice exams are the closest thing to the real exam, since Dr. Bernstein writes these kinds of tests!

Training will go beyond the classroom

  • TWO ADDITIONAL DAYS of online practice testing, which will simulate the actual exam.
  • After the seminar, you can call or email us anytime with questions. We are with you all the way till your exam!
  • Each student will get a personal online Bernstein Student Center username & password.
  • Added training: you will receive and have access to video updates from Dr. Bernstein prior to the exam
  • Ask Dr. Bernstein questions through our platform anytime, night or day prior to your exam.
If you are serious about maximizing your score on the Law Enforcement Entry Exam, spending time with Bernstein Test Prep is an absolute must! Nobody beats our students, nobody!

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Watch Dr. Bernstein explain your upcoming NJ Law Enforcement Entry Exam (LEEE)

What you’ll get

➔ A simple strategic straight forward approach that will increase your test score

Insider Information

  • You will learn how you can honestly increase your score in the personality assessment, which is the section that is worth the most points!
  • You will be shown which key areas routinely appear on the exam and be given an effective study plan to follow
  • The KEY AREAS on the Law Enforcement Entry Exam are: Visualization, Written Comprehension, Written Expression, Problem Sensitivity, Deductive Reasoning, Inductive Reasoning, Information Ordering, Spatial Orientation, Biographical Data, and Personality Trait testing.

Best Instructors

Dr. Bernstien & other highly qualified experts will explain in detail, all of the essential key areas of the new exam

Best Training Materials

You will also take home a copy of Dr. Bernstein’s new 2013 test preparation manual. This is filled with powerful strategies and practice test questions! The manual is worth the price of the seminar by itself. It’s that good.
  • Classes will sell out! REGISTER TODAY!
    Click here for a PDF copy of the Registration Form
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    (CENTRAL) Days Hotel, East

  • Beyond the classroom...

    All courses & seminars are enhanced with added online training

    • Access our Online Student Center, Anytime & Anywhere

      You'll receive practice tests / quizzes and updates.

      Ask questions through our platform anytime, night or day leading to your exam.
    • Advanced Learning Support Systems

      Video updates by Dr. Bernstein.

      Key test prep materials on highly testable areas.

      Quizzes & strategy tips
    • Bernstein is with YOU right up till the Exam

      No other test prep program offers this type of service!

    • Is the NJ Civil Service Commission (CSC) changing their law enforcement entry test again?

      Yes, a new exam is being planned for late 2015. Last time it was given in November / December 2013.
    • When and where can I apply for the Civil Service test?

      The application will be available for NJ State Corrections recruit on December 2014.

      On May 2015, the applications for Municipal Police Officer, County Police Officer, Park Police Officer, Campus Police Officer Recruit, Police Officer Recruit Human Services, Police Officer Palisades Interstate Park, Sheriff's Officer, State Park Police Officer Trainee, County Correction Officer, and Correction Officer Recruit Juvenile Justice will be available.

      You can apply online by linking over to the Civil Service Commission website, http://www.state.nj.us/csc/.
    • What is the best way to prepare for this new test?

      • Attend a free Bernstein 2-hour introductory session to learn specifically what you should be doing.
      • Seek out a qualified test preparation seminar.
      • Practice with tests.
      • Get email updates right up until your test!
    • What is the difference between your FREE classes and your PAID seminars?

      The free session is a two hour free presentation on the law enforcement entry exam (LEEE). This is to give candidates a general idea of what the new test is all about. It includes an overview of the different sections of the test, it gives some sample questions and it shows the strategy to answer them.

      The paid seminar is a comprehensive 2-day class that will explain in detail all sections of the new test and its strategies. Candidates will be able to practice with comprehensive tests in class and bring a book home for more practice. There are also some practice questions that are on power point presentation to give our students the competitive edge.

      Finally, all Bernstein students will participate in 2 days of online testing just prior to the exam. Our 2015 test preparation process is now a FOUR DAY PROGRAM! No one will beat the Bernstein students, no one.
    • When are you starting your training to prepare me for the new law enforcement entry exam?

      We will begin in January 2015 with a series of free sessions. Paid seminar will follow.
    • The Bernstein Test Preparation Training has had the best results of any preparation program. Why is that?

      The Bernstein Program is designed specifically to prepare candidates for the New Jersey Test. We have been doing this type of training throughout the country since 1985. The emphasis is on what you need to know for the test. The preparation is specific to what a candidate should do to maximize his or her score. Most importantly, all candidates are given an opportunity to practice.
    • If it is a new test and it hasn't been given yet, how do you know what's on the new test?

      The new law enforcement entry exam was developed by a psychologist. Dr. Bernstein is a psychologist who actually develops these kinds of exams. Again, we do this training all over the country. We are familiar with every exam! You will be 100% prepared.
    • What do I get for signing up in your training?

      You will get practice tests, strategies for the new test, and access to Dr. Bernstein directly. You will learn about part 1, part 2 and part 3 of the exam, as well as the oral and background check. When you leave the seminar you will have a notebook filled with practice items and expert strategy tips to work on at home. We have a brand new notebook with updated materials. You will also receive email updates and practice questions right up until the exam! Finally, after you attend the 2-day seminar, you will have extensive additional practice testing online via the Bernstein ShareFile network.
    • What kind of law enforcement entry exam will be given?

      The law enforcement entry exam is a new three part written exam developed by a psychologist. It will involve cognitive ability, personality, and life experience testing.
    • When is the best time to prepare for the test and what can I do now?

      Start preparing NOW! Plan to attend a free class.
    • Can I buy a book online or at the bookstore to prepare me for the test?

      No, there are no books to prepare you for the non-cognitive or personality assessment part of the exam.
    • Do you guarantee that I will get a high score?

      We guarantee that if you follow our training, your score will definitely increase! Your guarantee is your effort. We will guide you all the way.
    • What is the age limit for law enforcement entry applicants?

      The age limit for police applicants is 35.
    • I am older than 35, what other positions can i apply for?

      Sheriffs and Corrections applicants may be beyond 35. You may apply for either of these positions.
    • What is the difference between the Bernstein Group and others?


      Dr. Bernstein and his Associates prepare, coordinate, and teach you the strategy.

      Experts in Test Development and Psychological Assessment are part of the training staff.

      • There have been thousands of successful candidates, not only at the entry level, but at all supervisory and management levels of Public Safety including Sergeants, Lieutenants, Captains, and Chiefs.

      Training materials and practice tests are yours to keep and review at your leisure. Consultants are always available to address your questions and specific needs.

      • Our field experts teach throughout the country and base their 25 years of experience on the most up-to-date techniques used in the field.

      Email updates and test questions.

      • Others try to teach Dr. Bernstein's strategy.

      • Others have no experts in the field on their staffs.

      • They have shown only limited success at the entry level and even less at higher levels.

      • Tests and books cannot be removed from training sessions. They welcome you to look at an overhead projection at limited locations and times.

      • Others use individuals with no formal training and no experience in the field.

      • No email updates or test questions.
    • I understand Bernstein students have scored higher on new entry tests than all other candidates, why is that?

      Dr. Bernstein teaches you a test taking method on how to approach every type of question. Candidates learn in class how to score the most points!
    • I understand there are some unqualified people teaching students how to take the entry exam, is this true?

      Yes, there are a number of people who try and copy the Bernstein method. Many have no idea what they are doing, and even give the wrong strategy.

      Beware of people who charge a cheap price, you get what you pay for. Beware of people not trained in the testing field. Some are police officers, lawyers and plumbers who teach entry test preparation, but don't teach it very well. Others were even students of Dr. Bernstein. If law enforcement is your career goal, you might as well go to the best! Bernstein Test Prep is the best.

      Don't risk your career with someone who is not qualified. You can take Bernstein, or take your chances.
    • What can I get at Bernstein Test Prep that others don't provide?

      • Dr. Bernstein gives you the best strategy that he personally developed.
      • Training materials and practice tests are constantly updated and are yours to keep.
      • Email consultation.
      • Oral exam instruction in the seminar at no charge.
      • A 25-year proven track record with the best results.
      • Access to the top test preparation experts.
      • Two extra days of extensive online testing.
      • Exact look and feel of the real test.
    • Why should I attend a training program sponsored by Bernstein Test Prep?

      You want to go to the BEST! Most of the police, sheriff and corrections officers on the job now have been personally trained by Dr. Bernstein. His program has the most updated material. The new test is largely a personality test, and HE IS A PSYCHOLOGIST!

      Also, it's a better investment compared to other preparation courses

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