2016 NJ Law Enforcement Entry Exam Update

1. What titles are covered by the 2016 Law Enforcement Entry Exam (LEEE) application?

Municipal Police Officer
Park Police Officer
Police Officer Recruit Human Services
Sheriff’s Officer
County Correction Officer
Correction Officer Recruit for the Juvenile Justice Commission
County Police Officer
Campus Police Officer
Police Officer Palisades Interstate Parkway

2. How has the application fee structure changed for the LEEE application?

You now pay one $50 fee for the LEEE application. This covers the titles listed above.

3. So if I pay the $50 fee, I can check off all nine police, sheriff, and corrections positions?

Yes, a candidate has many more chances of getting a job in NJ law enforcement, by checking off all titles!

4. What about state corrections officer recruit, and parole officer recruit titles?

These titles require a separate application, and an additional $35 fee.

5. If I apply for all the different titles, how many tests will I have to take?

Only one! No matter how many titles you apply for, you only have to test one time. All candidates will take a new comprehensive test battery called the Law Enforcement Aptitude Battery. It contains 329 test items, and is given over a 3 hour and 40 minute time period.

6. Where can a candidate apply to take the 2016 Law Enforcement Entry exam (LEEE)?

All applications are done online, and are open until August 31st. Click here to link over to the Civil Service application page.

7. How can a candidate learn more about the Law Enforcement Entry exam (LEEE)?

Candidates may watch an informative video which describes the test. Click here to watch the video.

BernsteinTestPrep offers a series of 2-day seminars, to prepare candidates for the new comprehensive 3 hour and 40 minute test battery. All seminars typically sell out! Click here for the complete seminar schedule