2016 NJ Law Enforcement Entry Exam

There will be an updated and revised law enforcement entry exam (LEEE) given in New Jersey for 2016. Applications will be available online until August 31st. The NJ LEEE is tentatively scheduled for late 2016. The company who will be giving the revised exam has extensive experience in police entry testing. The same entry exam is expected to be used for the police, sheriff, and corrections titles. The company has previously used a 3-part written entry exam. The name of the exam is the “Law Enforcement Aptitude Battery” or LEAB. The LEAB which was developed by a psychologist measures thinking skills, personal work styles and motivation. These areas are formally referred to as:

1. Ability Test

The Cognitive Ability Test will consist of multiple-choice questions designed to test a series of abilities, such as written comprehension, problem sensitivity and reasoning. These have been determined to be important for the effective performance of entry-level police officers in New Jersey.

2. Work Styles Questionnaire – Personality Assessment

The Work Styles Questionnaire is designed to assess a candidate’s motivational, value-related and attitudinal characteristics. Candidates are asked questions about things that they like, believe in, and things that they do. This section of the exam is worth more points than any other

3. Life Experience Survey – Biographical Data

The Life Experience Survey or Background Information test consists of a series of multiple-choice questions related to candidates’ past history and experience.

According to the testmaker, each instrument is matched to the job requirements and each assesses a variety of underlying characteristics important in the performance of the duties and responsibilities of law enforcement officers. For 30 years Bernstein and Associates has been preparing men and women for public safety positions. To best prepare for the new exam, candidates should attend a professional seminar with proven results. Interested candidates should click here to watch the video which describes the entry exam. For any questions on the LEEE, please call me at 1-800-272-5353 or email me at info@bernsteintestprep.com